Now Serving Reed & Lacey California Gold

031e24_763eb628bd3d4a77a9fccb8843d29996As of yesterday we started carrying a great locally made product.  Reed & Lacey “California Gold”.  Here is a brief description of California Gold from the Reed & Lacey website:

Our Spirit California Gold is an all-natural, hand crafted Molasses Barley Corn Spirit. It borrows and combines its taste profile from Caribbean-style rum and Kentucky bourbon. Despite being an over-proof spirit, California Gold is naturally smooth due to our unique aging process, and the use of the finest ingredients including water from pristine snowmelt in Yosemite.

California Gold is aged in American charred oak barrels, which lends to it’s smoky overtones and clean finish. Our technique of using 15 gallon barrels as opposed to a 60 gallon barrel, provides more wood contact with the spirit by four times, thus having the effect of faster aging. This allows Reed & Lacey to take advantage of mellowed tannins in a shorter period of time.

Tasting Notes:

Hints of butterscotch, almond, vanilla, caramel, chocolate, smoke and oak. 

Batch #1 Notes:  

California Gold was barreled on 12/23/2013 in barrels #01-016(15gal) charred American oak/French oak chips. Extracted from barrels on 12/28/2014. 1080 750ml bottled on 1/8/2015. 97.2 @ 53 degree=100.010 PROOF

For more on Reed & Lacey go to:

From out point of view this is a great product.  We tried it straight up, and it was excellent.  But Lamont Reed recommended using it in an Old Fashioned, one word…amazing.